PSA – Download Your AR Games

Sony’s new handheld, the Playstation Vita, has officially launched over the past week. While I have called it a “ground-breaking piece of hardware” (you can read my review here), there is one thing I forgot to mention. Once you have unboxed your new Playstation Vita, you’ll probably notice the 6 cards with blocky images on it. Over a week ago, when First Edition owners initially received their Vitas (and even when I wrote my review), these cards did nothing. Now, that is not the case. There are 3 AR (Augmented Reality) games that are available for download from the PS Store – completely free. These games are Cliff Diving, Fireworks, and Table Soccer. These titles aren’t too impressive, and are probably not worth your precious memory card space, but I can’t help but recommend Table Soccer. Clearly, this is the most ambitious of the three, and the multiplayer mode is a real treat. These titles are rather hard to find in the PS Store, so I recommend looking them up in the search bar.


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