The Mass Effect Chronicles – Part 5

Spoiler Alert

With high expectations, I went head-first into Mass Effect 3. Importing my Shepard, I went into the action almost immediately. This post will be dedicated to catching you up on the 11-and-a-half hours that I have already put into the game. Normally, I would have updated you a few hours in. Mass Effect 3 is bigger than the others, though. It has required more time and longer play sessions. With that said, this was my experience thus far.

The game opens up with an incredible and cinematic journey through Vancouver – invaded by the Reapers, of course. The first thing I noticed was the textures. BioWare still couldn’t get it right. When playing the last two games, I expected less from the graphical department due to their age. From Mass Effect 3, I expected more.

Anyway, the Reapers attacked Earth. Anderson sends you on a mission to gain help from other worlds and species. You leave Anderson on Earth, which is something that I would never do. I tried to stop him, but he refused to leave. Insisting that he helps his fallen allies, Anderson truly is a great man.

Before reaching the Citadel, I stop at Mars, which has been attacked by Cerberus. First of all, the graphics really shine during gameplay. Secondly, this was a change of events that I did not see coming; Cerberus is now the enemy. I always knew The Illusive Man was shady, but during the Reaper Invasion, this is the last thing Humanity needs. I met up with Liara on Mars, and she joined my squad. I always though Liara was OP in the first game, but that was nothing compared to ME3. Her singularity attack is my go-to move in combat.

I’m back with Ashley; by the way. She’s part of my crew, and is considerably less annoying. On Mars, she gets raped – not literally. She is then sent to the hospital on The Citadel, while I go to recruit everyone I need. Don’t worry, she’ll be back on her feet in no time.

The Council is predictably naive and uncooperative. Anyway, I am sent to help the Turians on their homeworld. Later the Krogans, who required me to cure the Genophage. Now, I have got the 3 gangs from Omega, the Turians, the Krogans, the Quarians, and obviously the Alliance. I’m not sure if that is all, but the point is that I am well on my way to building an army. In fact, my “War Assets” are already passed the minimum requirements.

So far, I take issue with the journal, which doesn’t differentiate the primary and secondary objectives. Truthfully, there hasn’t been much to complain about. On the Quarian homeworld, I had a faceoff with a Reaper. That was the highlight of the game so far. I hope the game gets really cinematic towards the end.

Overall, I am loving the game so far. I wouldn’t say that it is better than the second, though. ME2’s obscure pacing worked for me, while this game feels all over the place. I know that there is a lot left of the game, but it hasn’t hit me emotionally yet. Either way, this game has pulled me in like no other. That’s all I can really talk about now. I’ll be sure to update more often. I’ll have a whole segment for the game’s controversial ending. Also, I’ll post more formal articles soon. I just finished my final essay, so I will have more time to write now. I’ll probably be posting my essay, since it was for my film class. Thanks for reading.


One response to “The Mass Effect Chronicles – Part 5

  1. Great game! I have been enjoying it so far! Salutations from Brazil!

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