E3 2012: It Begins

*NOTE: This was written as a personal blog post, and very late at night. There will be no shortage of grammatical errors.*

I can’t believe it. After one long year, E3 has finally arrived. To me, E3 is the most exciting time of the year. The announcements, the footage, the flood of news and activity all leave me ecstatic. There is so much to absorb in such a small amount of time. And that is precisely why I will not be live blogging any of it.

That’s right. Unlike every game-dedicated site and blog, tinylittlereviews will be completely static this week. Odd are, the thousands of legitimate sites will beat me to each announcement. Instead, I am going to do two things. First, I am going to write this post. I will write about my expectations, my predictions, my impressions, and anything of that sort. I will look back on the industry’s past year and comment on each of the publisher’s platforms. Once this is posted, I will watch E3 and enjoy the week I have been anticipating all year. Afterwards, I will present a follow-up post. This will include my thoughts on the show, my favourite moments, the most surprising announcements, etc.

Without further ado, it begins.

Looking Back

E3 2011 was one of the more interesting events for gamers in recent memory. Between the official unveiling of the Wii U and Mr. Caffiene, 2011’s press conferences surely left lots to talk about. The most important announcement last year was the ridiculously named Wii U as Nintendo’s new home console. While this has been rumoured months before its unveiling, its comforting to see Nintendo step into the world of High Definition.

Unfortunately, Nintendo’s show was sullied by bad marketing, if you will. The Wii U was never announced as a console, leaving most under the impression that its a new controller for the existing Wii, rather than a next-generation console. Not quite the first impression we expected from Nintendo.

While this was the big news that stuck with gamers over the coming months, E3 still prepared gamers for one of the best fall seasons. Microsoft is usually the company to show the big third-party A-listers; like Call of Duty. Aside from that, Microsoft was predictably shy with the first-party titles. Aside from Gears of War and a Halo remake, Microsoft failed to hold my interest.

Sony, on the other hand, showered fans with exclusive support, between both the Vita and the PS3. Even if the platform’s most exciting upcoming game wasn’t announced until the VGA’s, Sony’s summer conference blew the lid off of the Playstation Vita, unveiled a Playstation branded television, and reached out for the hardcore PS3 gamer. Additionally, Sony showed a continued focus on Move-supported experiences. This is the effort I expect to see tomorrow night.

The Wii U

Regular readers of the blog know what I expect from the Nintendo Wii U. They know this, of course, thanks to this post. In my “Wii U Wishlist”, I ask for a dedicated Classic Pro controller.

“This is an important aspect that most gamers may overlook prior to the console’s launch. The tablet controller appears to be a revolutionary addition to Nintendo’s controller designs over the company’s lifespan, yet way more functional than its predecessor. The problem with the Wiimote was that it lacked dual analog sticks. Nintendo’s new controller may have a bright future, but leaves me concerned. While nothing seems to be set in stone, Nintendo stated that the console will be able to support a single tablet controller. Months later, they proposed the idea of adding a second controller. Once again, nothing is set in stone. What I am asking from Nintendo is that they create a traditional controller, much like the Classic Controller Pro, that can fully navigate the console’s menus and games. The reason this controller must be new and native to the Wii U is because it would feature its own power supply. This would allow gamers to use it without a Wiimote awkwardly dangling from the controller, reducing weight and discomfort.”

This wish has already been granted, in the form of the Wii U Pro Controller.

The 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has been on an upward path, ever since Holiday 2011. If the first-party “heavy-hitters” have not been enough, a large handful of downloadable titles have defined the eShop as a legitimate gaming retailer. What I expect from Nintendo’s handheld is consistency. Just as the pendulum stopped swinging after Kid Icarus’ launch, the 3DS needs a new titles as soon as possible.

This is the perfect time to focus on the “lost 3DS games”. Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and Monster Hunter are just a few of the many forgotten games. I wouldn’t even mind that Majora’s Mask remake. Nintendo needs new titles to keep the gears moving, before they stop indefinitely.

Xbox 360

I have little hopes for the Xbox 360 at this point. Halo is a franchise very close to my heart, but it can’t carry the system for the rest of its lifespan. Forza and Gears of War will also be returning, proving that Microsoft is trying hard to hit the same notes as last year. While the PS3 is producing several new IP’s toward the end of its lifespan, one should only expect Microsoft to put in that same effort.

Playstation 3 &The Vita

After an incredible year, it is only natural that Sony will be slowing down with software production. Fortunately, what we are seeing is anything but natural. Gameplay of The Last of Us (Sony’s new IP made by Uncharted devs) has yet to be seen, making way for an incredible showpiece. Furthermore, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale has been catching some noteworthy attention, possibly for its controversial nature. With multiple LittleBigPlanet titles in the works, 20 confirmed games to show and an apparent “revitalization” for the Playstation Move, Playstation gamers are sure to be satisfied on all fronts.

If I had to complain, I would comment on the lack of Vita software. There hasn’t been a notable titles since launch. Even so, Interviews and certain comments leave me hopeful for the young platform’s immediate future. I guess we will find out tomorrow.

Predicting The Winner

First of all, I would like to note that everyone is a winner if Ubisoft doesn’t bring back Mr. Caffiene.

Continuing, Sony will easily have the most to show, with some pretty notable titles just waiting to be exposed. Still, the scale of a new console can’t be undermined. Since it has been confirmed that Microsoft’s and Sony’s next-gen consoles will not be at E3, the winner is fairly obvious. Nintendo will win this year, if only for the Wii U and its launch line-up.


One response to “E3 2012: It Begins

  1. Hahaha Mr Caffeine last year was hilariously terrible. I really just want them to cut the bullshit and get on with announcing games. There’s no need to dress it up so much gamers aren’t stupid people. Great article.

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