Point of Interest: OUYA

Most people reading this post will have probably already heard of the Ouya. It is a “new kind of videogame console”, according to its kickstarter page. Whether or not it is successful, there is no doubt that this is the most ambitious move in the industry, as of recent memory. Let me cover some of the facts:

-The Ouya will cost a hundred dollars, making it the most affordable modern console (including Sony and Nintendo’s handhelds).

-The Ouya is completely open. Anyone with knowledge on game development can develop for the console. Each Ouya will include a dev kit, making it the most accessible console for independent developers.

-The Ouya reached its kickstarter goal in about 7 hours, and has now (at the time of writing) reached over four times its original goal

-The Ouya will flourish with independent game, by nature, but will also house first-party and AAA titles.

You can read much more on the Ouya at its official page. The donation packages are listed at the side of the page. I will be donating $150, which will include the console, two controllers, and shipping. The estimated date of arrival (launch date) is sometime during March 2013. I urge you to support them. The Ouya is more than just a new home console. It is a message to publishers everywhere, while also being something of an “indiebox”.

Lastly, I would like to raise awareness for Fall of Eternity. This is the “out of the garage” type of development that we can achieve through the Ouya. It is giving independent developers a fighting chance at creating small-yet-ambitious passion projects.


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