Point of Interest: To The Moon

About a month ago, I discovered To The Moon after completing my playthrough of Walking Dead Episode 5. To say the least, I was very moved by the emotional conclusion to Telltale’s episodic adventure. Immediately upon completion, I wandered through countless forums to see the fans’ reaction. Buried deep within a conversation was a post stating (paraphrased);

“The Walking Dead was the second game that ever made me cry. The first was To The Moon.”

“To The Moon?”, I thought to myself. I have never heard of that title, so I instantly googled it. This is where my intrigue was solidified. I noticed that it is a 16bit game. I thought to myself, “how can a 16bit game make someone cry?”

Oh how naive I was.

I bought the game for 10 dollars on steam, and played it not to long after. Personally, I find that it is best to go into the game blindly, so I won’t get into the details. What I can tell you, however, is that To The Moon has moved me more than any game I have ever played. Ever. So I am writing this point of interest hoping that someone reading this will play through the game, and experience the most heart-felt, emotional story that has ever been told through this medium. To The Moon may turn you off due to its minimalist graphics, but it is strong in heart, and is absolutely worth your time.


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