Making Movies Long Take Assignment: Pulling The Trigger


Artist’s Statement:

Pulling The Trigger is a short film about gun control. I am lucky enough to live in the greatest country in the world; Canada. However, I am aware that many people do not have that same luxury. I wanted to make a dark film that shows just how easy it is for someone to obtain a gun in America. I personally find it surprising that such depicted events can initiate through a purchase at Wal-Mart. While the film does have a strong political message, it is not dominant until the last few frames. The audience is expected to get interested in the events  portrayed on screen before understanding that there is a political side to the film.

A HandCam style of footage was used because it was meant to give a sense of unsettlement. The camera, in a way, projects the state of the actress. The film is titled Pulling The Trigger because, as many would argue, it is time to pull the trigger on accessible gun ownership. The assignment was filmed in a continuous shot, and all sound effects were recorded in real-time. Since the camera was constantly moving, no additional lighting was necessary (outside of natural lighting).


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