2013’s Game of the Year

2013 is going to be an incredible year for gaming. You probably have heard something along those lines every January, but this year is different. 2013 is really going to be an incredible year for gaming. So why don’t we get a discussion going. I’m going to post my 3 most anticipated games of 2013, and you can post yours in the comments below.

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is set to come out March 26, and other than the next generation consoles, Bioshock Infinite is the most anticipated gaming release of the year. While some mechanics, such as plasmid-inspired vigors, will feel familiar, fans have already fallen in love with the new setting (Columbia) as well as Elizabeth, the focus of the game’s plot. Early previews have been overwhelmingly positive and IGN’s Andrew Goldfarb already expects the game to be the site’s GOTY.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a Playstation exclusive brought to us by the team behind Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog’s original IP takes place in post-apocalpytic America, and truly looks to be another current-generation classic. This late into a cycle’s life, it is refreshing to see an original IP. Pairing that with an accomplished developer can only result positively. But The Last Of Us is interesting beyond its development and timing. Its a cinematic action-horror game that doesn’t claim to be early Resident Evil. It has an interesting (and talented) cast of characters that are genuinely intriguing. If any game is going to give Bioshock Infinite a run for its money, its The Last of Us.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was announced at E3 2012, and may very well not be released this year. If that is the case, Ubisoft may have jumped the gun with an early announcement. Regardless, Watch Dogs looks great. It is an open world game with ideas and mechanics that sprout with creativity. Additionally, the game looks so good that many believe it is indeed a next generation title. After the initial awe and shock of the game’s outer beauty, most Ubi fans are just excited for a new AAA series from Ubi Montreal.


So, what say you? What games are you excited for? Speak up in the comments below!


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