Making Movies Montage (Still Photos) Assignment: One Ring


Artist’s Statement:

One Ring is a still-photo film about a lady’s lost ring. The film follows the ring, as it jumps around in possession, until it eventually returns to the original owner. The idea was that it, despite being short and made up of picture, has the 3 acts listed by Syd Field. In the first act, the ring is given to the girl, and the girl loses it. In the second act, the ring is passed around; from the homeless man to a mother and child. It is then dropped, and will assumably never make its way back to the original owner. In the third act, the original woman is waiting outside for her boyfriend to come home. She shows him her finger, missing the ring, and he presents to her the ring (which he found on the floor). The music, written and recorded by myself, also reflects the acts of the film. It is gentle in tone, and is broken up into three parts. The first part is slow and establishes the main melody. The second part (twice as long as the first and third part) is more chaotic. It represents the disunity between the girl and her ring. The final act has a slower and pitchier version of the beginning of the song. The last picture of the film is reminiscent of the hug from the first act of the film, in the same way that the last act of the song is.  My last assignment was a darker-toned, political film. Therefore, it felt natural to make a more wholesome film with a happy ending.


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