Making Movies: Blog Response #1

For my first blog response, I am deciding to write about Kyle Macisaac’s student film, “Dr. Freckle and Mr. High”. The assignment was to create a story out of still-images. There are many things I enjoyed about Dr. Freckle and Mr. High, but the most notable aspect being how enjoyable it was to watch. Within two minutes, Kyle established a coherent goal that was easy to follow. He also incorporated comedic elements, which had the whole class laughing out loud. It is important to strike the audience in a way that will leave your film fresh in their heads the day after. Between the entire class’ list of assignments, Dr. Freckle and Mr. High was the only one I re-watched.

Doing the assignment myself, I understand that it is hard to establish a smooth continuity using only pictures. Perhaps I enjoyed Kyle’s film so much because I found it easy to follow. Some other student films had my wondering where the subject was, who was around them, what they wanted to accomplish, and what they were thinking. Dr. Freckle and Mr. High was the most coherent of the bunch (not to say that there weren’t other entertaining films).


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