Making Movies: Blog Response #3

In lecture today, we watched one of the most fascinating materials we have seen all year; Everything is a Remix. Specifically, I would like to talk about the portion showing the various influences behind the Star Wars franchise. I am a huge Star Wars fan, and have heard some of these comparisons before. Never before, however, have I seen them first hand. While this was interesting to watch, the overall message was strong and agreeable; Copy, transform, combine.

Fast-fowarding to the chapter on copyrights, I thought that a great argument was given against the anti-piracy movement. Interestingly enough, while I agree with what was said, I am against piracy. This short documentary had me thinking, which is more than most documentaries achieve. I like the notion of copy, transform, combine. I like the idea of social evolution. However, I don’t believe that people are pirating various materials to combine them and reinvent them. Instead, I see people pirating material to bypass the industry costs. Not to create, but to use and discard.

Still, its refreshing to see an argument that sticks to the central ideas behind innovation, and views piracy in the same way that the ‘pirates’ of Silicon Valley did.


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