From The Extranet: A Mass Effect Podcast – Episode 3

Are you a fan of the Mass Effect series? Did the ending grind your gears? Have you played all three games a number of times? If so, welcome to From The Extranet; a Mass Effect podcast by the community, for the community. This podcast is the perfect place to speak up. Tune in on Friday’s at 4pm, and be a part of the conversation over at twitter (@FromTheExtranet).

*spoiler* This week’s topic is a general look at Mass Effect 3. We had some mic difficulties prior to recording, so hopefully the levels are too off. Things will sound back to normal next week. The problems were because I forgot to bring my mic’s stand. Anyway, it was a fun show this week as we mourned over the loss of Miranda in my play-through.

From The Extranet – Episode 3


One response to “From The Extranet: A Mass Effect Podcast – Episode 3

  1. Ok, so I picked Control in my first playthrough of ME3 and still consider it the canon ending for my Shepard’s story. But, I did some research on Refusal and came across this video from a guy who picked Refusal as his canon ending. He explains it extremely well and I’m too lazy to write it all, so here’s a link to the video.

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