From The Extranet: A Mass Effect Podcast – Episode 4

Are you a fan of the Mass Effect series? Did the ending grind your gears? Have you played all three games a number of times? If so, welcome to From The Extranet; a Mass Effect podcast by the community, for the community. This podcast is the perfect place to speak up. Tune in on Friday’s at 4pm, and be a part of the conversation over at twitter (@FromTheExtranet).

This week, we talk about the ending of Mass Effect 3. We go over the ins-and-outs of Destroy, Control, Synthesis, and Refusal. Like what we are saying? Can’t stand it? Speak up in the comments below.

From The Extranet – Episode 4


3 responses to “From The Extranet: A Mass Effect Podcast – Episode 4

  1. I didn’t choose Refuse ending, I choose Destroy and I’m fully commited with my decision… but nevertheless I think Refuse is a good ending, after talking to the Catalyst Shepard realized that they hit a dead end and he will not allow the Catalyst/Reapers decide the future of human kind so he refuses to play under his rules. Also he realize that like before all the “Shepards” before him didn’t arrive at the Catalyst maybe one “Shepard” after him can arrive there and find a better solution.

    Good podcast my friends! we all love ME series.
    A Few more comments,
    Memorable Momments:
    – If you go for Liara in ME1 after doing Noveria and Feros, she is totally freak out, she thinks you are an illusion… the dialog is perfect.
    – “That’s for Thane you SOB”, what a perfect cut scene
    – When you meet Wrex and Garrus in ME2, also Liara, they are very different that the ones you knew in ME1. The same when you do Tali loyalty mission, the evolution is magnificient.
    – The end of professor Mordin Solus in ME3 is unforgettable, so good.

    General Reflexion on ME3:
    Personally the final scene didn’t please me, but I consider ME3 itself as one big ending for ME2-ME1, where all your choices are reflected. Ok, you don’t see what are the repercusion of your acts in the final scene, BUT YOU SEE THEM ALL OVER THE GAME! some people don’t have the option to save the geth or cure the genophage, maybe you didn’t save the Rachni and you can’t see the confusion in the Queen’s mind. All your choices are matter in this giant 60 hours finale, not in the final scene. If you consider this, ME3 catalyst scene doesn’t matter, not at all…
    ps: I would love that IT (indoctrination theory) would being include in the original game but the ending had to be dark with even with IT on it.

    • hmm, that’s an interesting way to look at it. It just bugs me because it took a countless number of cycles for an organic to make it that far, why throw out that opportunity. How many more cycles will it take?

      I thought Liara always thinks you are an illusion. I didn’t realize that its based on when you save her. Wow, so dynamic!

      Thanks for listening and commenting. I can’t believe I didn’t mention that last point you said.
      “All your choices are matter in this giant 60 hours finale, not in the final scene. If you consider this, ME3 catalyst scene doesn’t matter, not at all…”
      That’s so true. You can’t separate the last 20 mins from the entirety of the game. The game is so long, and your choices are very dominant throughout it. Thanks for the input, very insightful 😀

      • Yeah is kind of hard to “let an oportunity go”, considering all you went through to get there… but if you really consider all you went through then you must refuse to play under their rules where the only true answer is destroy but the cost are unbearable (geth, edi, mass relay, etc), maybe Liara’s capsule will play a big role (you are hinted that in the closing scene) and some new oportunities will arise. I think the bigger issue with the refusal ending is the fact that you have to admit that you failed, Sheppard didn’t beat the odds, but as Vigil and Vendetta did you put the next cycle in a better position.

        I never thought that a game could emotionally entangle me so much like ME series did, I really appreciate everything that let us discuss about it and discover new contend that I could pass just because of my choices.

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