Injustice: Gods Among Us [Issue #3] Review

With the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, I’ve decided that it is appropriate to read and review/discuss the issues in the prequel comic books that lead up to the events in the game. These reviews will be put together at the end of the series, and will be followed by a review of the game. Keep in mind, they are more-so discussions and my thoughts on each issue. There will be spoilers.

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Mike S. Miller
Colored by: Andrew Elder
Cover by: Jheremy Raapack
Publisher: DC Universe

I really enjoyed the first issue, and (to a lesser extent) I also liked the second. One thing I mentioned in both my reviews were how much I liked the art. So when I read the credits of issue #3, I immediately took notice that the artist, Mike Miller, was not present in the last two issues. You may have noticed in the credits I posted above. Before I get to my impressions of the art, let me recap the events of this issue.

Superman is confronted by Doomsday. Since the first issue casually established that Superman fears Doomsday (and considering the stakes), Superman takes no risks. He quickly grabs him, and starts flying directly vertical. After some amusing back-and-forth between The Joker and Harley Quinn, members of the Justice League confront the Joker, and ask where Lois is. It quickly dawns upon the team (and the reader) that Superman was intoxicated by Joker’s fear gas, and Doomsday is, in fact, Lois. –side note: I couldn’t believe how gruesome this actually was. It really portrays the Joker as evil, rather than just crazy- Superman realizes this moments too late, and when Lois’ heart stops, it triggers a bomb in Metropolis. The comic ends with The Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman looking back at a giant mushroom cloud. And of course, “to be continued”.

I have heard about this huge plot piece before. If you play the game, it is revealed very early. Even so, I was happy to see how it panned out, and how well it was executed. The comic switched between the two groups of characters (Superman and Doomsday/JLA and Joker & Harley) very well. It did so in a way that kept the suspense (even while knowing what will happen) present until the end of the issue. Additionally, I believe that it is very important that these iconic moments have memorable composition, which it did.

This brings me back to the art. The art was done by Mike S. Miller, who did a superb job. In the first issue’s review, I complained about the lack of detail in some of the frames. In this issue, however, everything was much more consistent. Noticeably, facial expressions were displayed enthusiastically. Looking back, I think this issue was actually drawn better than the last two. It certainly fit the context of the issue, which called for a lot of reactions and emotion. A few details in the writing were also appreciated. I liked how Batman was taking the role of the leader, in a sense, considering that he knows these villains far too well. I also liked the Joker’s joke about The Flash carrying Batman.

I think this issue might have been my favourite so far. It was certainly the most memorable. I can only assume the next few issues are going to show a side of Superman that isn’t explored too often. My only concern thus far is how much of the comic series is left. Out of the 14 available issues, I have only read 3. The issues are moving fast, and I wonder how many more over-the-top events are out there. It feels like 14 may be too much for a series moving so quickly.

If you haven’t started reading the issues by now, you really should. Issue #3 was a must-read if you are considering the game.


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