Injustice: Gods Among Us [Issue #4] Review

With the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, I’ve decided that it is appropriate to read and review/discuss the issues in the prequel comic books that lead up to the events in the game. These reviews will be put together at the end of the series, and will be followed by a review of the game. Keep in mind, they are more-so discussions and my thoughts on each issue. There will be spoilers.

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Mike S. Miller
Colored by: Alejandro Sanchez
Cover by: Jheremy Raapack
Publisher: DC Universe

Would you look at that, the cover has changed! Its issue #4, and we finally see a new cover. This new cover depicts Superman and Batman engaging in a fight. Now, once again, I appreciate the lack of mystery to the plot, but the cover is “foreshadowing” a bit too quickly. Regardless, its a nice cover.

Anyway, Issue #4 picks up where the last left off. The JLA are rescuing survivors from the bomb, while Batman interrogates The Joker. Superman returns to Earth with Lois and their unborn child; both, of course, dead. He then confronts Green Lantern, asking where they are keeping the Joker. The Green Lantern tries to resist and keep the information from him, but Superman strips him of his power. He then breaks into the holding cell, and…well…this happens:



When I started the series, I complained that it felt short (even though it was a regular length for a standard issue). That was because, when looking back at what you have just read, not much was happening. These past two issues have majorly picked up the pace, but both focus on a singular event. Even so, I enjoyed issue #4 almost as much as issue #3.

Batman’s conversation with the Joker was great, but the best part (other than that last panel) had to be the confrontation with Green Lantern. Superman straight-up bullies him. It is nice to see the collaboration of DC heroes while still respecting Superman as the all-powerful god he practically is.

Lastly, I am curious to see how this all plays into the story of Injustice – the game. This is a prequel comic, yet The Joker (a playable character in the game) has just died. Well, assumably. Not many people would survive a fist through the chest, would they?


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