Injustice: Gods Among Us [Issue #14] Review

With the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, I’ve decided that it is appropriate to read and review/discuss the issues in the prequel comic books that lead up to the events in the game. These reviews will be put together at the end of the series, and will be followed by a review of the game. Keep in mind, they are more-so discussions and my thoughts on each issue. There will be spoilers.

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Jheremy Raapack
Colored by: Ikari Studio
Cover by: Drew Johnson
Publisher: DC Universe

I thought there were 14 issues. I was wrong.

Anyway, issue #14 starts with a flash-forward. Batman finds his son dead. Damien Wayne, the current Robin, is who Batman’s opening monologue is all about. The thing is, as well written as the opening pages were, I don’t really care for Damien. Sure, I feel bad for The Bats, but literally anyone else could have died and I would have cared more. At least with Lois, there was great chemistry between her and Clark.

The comic then brings us back to the familiar point of the timeline, and shows an attempt murder (on live-tv) by Two-Face, who is stopped by Superman. Superman announces that he is not giving Gotham’s psychopaths another chance. Batman and Nightwing race to Akrham Ayslum, but before they leave, are approached by Damien. Damien tells his father that he is in the wrong. The narrative cuts forward, and Damien stands alongside Superman in Akrham Asylum.

The issue was good, but man do I hate Damien. He has attitude, and is just causing conflict. I get that he is an emotional link to Batman, but the comic would have actually been better without him. Hey, I would have cared more if they killed Nightwing. Batman would have still been emotionally wounded, and it could have given us a better character in his place to play as in the game.

I guess this issue is leading up to a showdown between the two sides in Arkham Asylum, which is pretty cool. I can look forward to that.

I truly have no idea how many comics are left, considering that I thought #14 was the last. I’ll keep you guys up to date!


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