Point of Interest: Gunpoint

Along with a new theme, I added a new page to the blog! The Essential Indie Collection highlights what I think are the must-haves of the genre. At the end of the page, I posted a list of games that aren’t out, I have not played, I have not played enough of, or aren’t quite good enough to be considered “essential”. Buried in the list is a title called Gunpoint. It is an indie game where you crack through security to gather data. It looks amazing, simply put. I thought I would give it its own Point of Interest, just in case you didn’t gloss over that list.

Check it out here.

And of course, tell me what you think! My last PoI was on the Oculus Rift, so this may seem unexciting in comparison, but I really do think that this looks fantastic. People are referring to it as a 2D Deus Ex. Also, I want to note that it is nothing like the Heist game that came out today, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine. I’ll post my review of that once I’m done playing.


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