Cosplay Update: Commander Shepard Armour

As many of you may already know, I am participating in a group cosplay for Anime North. I will post pictures of the group, but that is not what this update is covering. I am also going, during one of the days, as Booker from Bioshock Infinite. I will be accompanied by an Elizabeth, so I’ll post pictures from that as well. Once again, though, that is not what this update is all about!

This update is about a new cosplay I will be building. I am starting a cosplay build for Fan Expo (August), which will be the N7 Armour that Shepard wears. I am creating it out of EVA Foam, as many do, and will post updates as I progress. I started last night. I bought some foam and cut out two forearm gauntlets. Once I had the base measurements cut out, I cut within the unshaped foam. I made slots for the elbows, and tried to pay attention to the details (such as the uncovering on the flip-side of his arm). The gauntlets look like this at the moment;


They have to be sanded/heated at the sides to get rid of the fringe. Also, they need to be heated so they fold over nicely. After the heating and sanding, I will attach straps so they tie around the arm. Then, I will finally paint. I also did two small metal plates on his shoulder (slightly underneath his larger shoulder pad), but they aren’t worth talking about much, until they are sanded, heated, and painted.

The two small EVA plates you see above took some time, believe it or not. I have never worked with this material before, and this is as much of a learning experience as it gets. I’ll continue to update the blog with my progress. Once again, though, this will not be included in the group ME cosplay. I actually bought that costume from Ebay.

Due to cosplaying, and general timing, From The Extranet will be postponed until Thursday (again). Sorry for the wait, guys. On a brighter note, I made a DeviantArt account! The people there are so kind! Go ahead and give me a follow.


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