Android: Netrunner – Fear and Loathing Runner Overview

The penultimate data pack in the Spin Cycle is being released this week, and with it comes some highly anticipated cards. I figured that I’d contribute to the discussion and post my very own data pack review. Here are the spoiled runner cards, and my initial impressions! Go ahead and comment if you agree/disagree!

Anyone who has returned to the site probably knows that I don’t really like placing an arbitrary “score” in my reviews, but that seems to be the tradition in these card review posts, so I’ll use a x/5 scale.

Quest Completed


The first Anarch card in the pack is called Quest Completed. The spoiled picture cuts off the 2 influence pips. Its a 0 cost event that is very similar to Notoriety, however, you access 1 installed card instead of gain one agenda point. I am personally surprised that these central server cards are more than a one-of, given  how little I have seen Notoriety played, but I guess a deck is starting to shape up with those new central-only breakers in Honour and Profit. Still, it is a card that requires a sitting agenda and 3 successful runs. I don’t think this has much value, but an early game or absolute surprise Quest Completed might work occasionally. 2/5


iBVrNXu-300x400Hemorrhage is a great virus card and has high influence (especially for an efficient Anarch program). It can be tutored by Djinn, it activates Noises ability, it gains counters so easily, and has an ability actually worthwhile. At the right time, Hemorrhage will break combos or trash economy. Two consecutive Hemorrhage hits will probably be more of a significant blow than most people are giving it credit for. However, it is a click to use the ability each time, it is not very splashable, and will the counters will probably be wiped before any devastating use of them. Its great in Noise, but not much else. Still, its a solid Anarch card, and one that I think will see some play. 3/5

Tallie Perrault

Tallie-Perrault-Fear-and-Loathing-Netrunner-SpoilerTallie Perrault represents a deck type that I just haven’t seen take off. The tag-me, bad pub shoving, resource Anarch is just not viable yet. Looking at Tallie’s 4-line conditional, you have to take a tag in order to give a bad pub. We have seen that mechanic before, but without the need of something as potentially frightening as Scorched Earth being played first. And, as everyone loves to mention, it can easily be trashed without NACH or another tag-evasive manoeuvres. I just have never understood how that can work without the stars aligning. It can be trashed for a nice draw engine, and against Weyland you will be able to draw quite a bit, assumably. However, against Weyland is probably not where you want that condition to be met (I can’t be the only one nervous playing against tag and bag decks). Tallie has a purpose, she has a deck slot in the right deck, it is just that the deck isn’t worth the risk right now. It’s probably pretty fun to play though, especially with Blackmail coming out. 2/5

Executive Wiretaps

d9ynV8m-300x225Executive Wiretaps reintroduces a mechanic seen not that long ago, if my memory serves me correct. Actually, it was just two packs ago, in Mala Tempora. Strange. Anyway, I like the idea of exposing the entire corp hand, but 2 clicks and 4 credits is a serious cost. Criminals have the money, but that exact cost can be spent on Running Interference.  Running Interference actually works better in a Silhouette/Blackguard deck than this does, despite the flavour. If you really want to do this ability without spending the MU, then this is the card for that, but it is just so unnecessary. 2/5


Blackguard-Fear-and-Loathing-Netrunner-SpoilerFull disclosure: I am totally bias when discussing this card. I have been testing  a proxy blackguard/silhouette deck for some time, and it is just devastating. A lot of people have been imagining what devastating things you can do with Satellite Uplink, Infiltration, Snitch, Silhouette, and Lemuria. The truth is, Blackguard doesn’t even need that. It doesn’t need to be a gimmick deck. Silhouette alone can use Blackguard without the help of any additional cards, and it is as devastating as you’d hope it would be. Blackguard is an awesome card, but that is ignoring the elephant in the room. 11 INSTALL COST. Criminals land on their feet. They hit the ground running. A Blackguard deck is slowing down the fastest beast in the game, so use the card carefully. I know many people will argue this score, but I’ve had such a great time testing it, I’ll go ahead and give this card a score that reflects that. 4/5

CyberSolutions Mem Chip

JIV8NSX-300x225Apparently people aren’t digging this card. I’ve read impressions that complain about its cost, or that it is only for casual use. The truth is this: this thing is going to save you deck slots, and 4 credits in a Shaper deck on Hardware is not slowing down the runner. Mac gets it for 3. 2 MU for 3cr? Yes please. Modded brings it down to a 1 cost for the other Shaper identities. Its a solution for a non-problem, absolutely, but more options isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I know people who will run this. 3/5

Alpha & Omega


I’m going to go ahead and pair these cards up because, frankly, I’m not a fan of either. I get how Omega works nicely with Kit, but 7cr for a drastically limited Crypsis with 1 strength doesn’t make sense to me. If you don’t want use Crypsis because of his counter-condition, then run Atman! This is Shaper we are talking about! Maybe we’ll see someone use these guys nicely, but 7cr is what I would spend on something as efficient as Garrote. Shapers can do this so much more efficiently, and with a 3 splash cost, I don’t see it being played much at all. One is a Kit card and the other is for face checking, but just run Snitch instead, right? 2/5



That’s more like it! Blackmail is what a lot of us have been waiting for, and should live up to the promise of scarier bad pubs. We have seen a lot of bad pubs being thrown around in the spin cycle, but not much the runner can do with it. Well, Blackmail is hopefully only the first card in a series of card types that will punish the corp further for their bad pubs. Blackmail is a game-winning card in the right meta. With illicits, Anarch tag-me’s, and Weyland existing, Blackmail will probably do quite a bit of damage in the general meta right now. I like it. I like it a lot. 4/5


That wraps up the Runner cards, but that is only half the pack. I’ll post the rest very soon, but for now, feel free to vocally object to my impressions and correct any errors that resulted from posting at 5am.


One response to “Android: Netrunner – Fear and Loathing Runner Overview

  1. The person who won the last tournament used an expensive suite of breakers fueled by the ever present Account Siphon and Same Old Thing: Torch, Morning Star on Dinosaurous, and Garrote with Magnum Opus = 5 MU (perfect for Chaos Theory). When I did get the Curtain Wall to defend, he brought out his Paintbrush thanks to

    CyberSolutions Mem Chip.

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