Android: Netrunner – Double Time Corp Overview

Let’s get straight to business. Most of the corps get some pretty awesome tools to play with in Double Time, so here are my impressions. You’ve probably already read the Runner cards review on my blog, but if not, go ahead and check that out.

Gryi Labyrinth


Oh, hey! This is interesting. I can’t quite understand why a HB player would use it, but this looks great in PE and Weyland damage decks. Let me just try to understand this; The runner’s hand size is 3 (by default) until the corp begins their turn. However, the discard phase happens at the end of the Runner’s turn, so they are sitting on 3 cards during the corp’s turn? That sounds…very strong. 2 cost for 2 strength is also appealing, but the non-clickableness of it sounds even better. I like this. Chairman Hiro (I think that’s his name) makes this absolutely nuts in PE. Yeah, it may take some careful piloting, but I think I like this card a lot. I mean, its not going to be a defining card in the archetype, but runners are so worried about sentries, this just might work. 3/5

Reclamation Order


Archived Memories is a very strong card. It is much less limiting than Interns (another great card), meaning whether it is economy or traps that you are looking for, it always has a use. Reclamation Order is like an improved late-game version of it. Imagine grabbing 3 restructures from Archives. Or 3 Snares. This card seems pretty good everywhere, too. I don’t really see a downside. Except drawing this in your opening hand. 4/5

Broadcast Square


I never thought much of bad publicity. Until my local meta became so Weyland focused. It is hard to lose a game when you have 6+ additional credits each run. And for the low cost of 2, you can actually prevent them from happening, which makes illicit ice that much better in Making News. Additionally, 5 credits to trash makes this card have quite the presence on the table. However, the corp that wants this so bad is probably not going to be running it, considering having a reliable number of these is just way too much influence. I’ll say this: Broadcast Square is probably a fun card to run in Making News. A very, very fun card. For 2 to rez and 5 to trash, I might actually make an weird MN BP deck tonight. But honestly, who else is going to run this? Especially with such a low trace value. 3/5? I don’t really know what to score it. 3/5.

Corporate Shuffle


Corporate Shuffle is almost great, but actually ends up being way weaker than you may have thought. That is at least what has happened with me in play-testing. Drawing it early is a complete dead draw, but more importantly, the right situation to play it is just as crucial. Do you really want to ditch that SanSan back into your deck? I get that FA needs to see agendas, but Fast Track looks like it will be so much better. Corporate Shuffle is just a gamble. Plus, let’s not forget that FA decks have a lot more agendas because they traditionally run 1 pointers. Fast Track will at least let you grab that Astro you’ve been digging for. 2/5

Caprice Nisei





Yay! More illicit ICE with shitty traces that will likely never land! But it is a fun card, at least. And probably a headache for the Runner, if they don’t have base link. That last trace is pretty impressive actually. But still, I’d love to hear some stories of this actually landing once the public gets their hands on it. And who knows, maybe it becomes better after H&P. It would have actually been a pretty rotten card if it wasn’t for that last trace, tbh. I’m going to experiment with this thing. 2/5



This is so bad. Sure, its 0 cost is attractive, but it circumstantially costs the runner 1 additional credit. And sensei is infinitely better, no? And this comes out right after Yagura? Ha! 1/5



When I saw the Hive spoilers, I was thrilled. This thing looks gr….wait a second. After every agenda point? Well. Nevermind then. I misread that, it is trash. It is exclusively good as an early draw, but its 5 costs makes it only playable in GRNDL. And why would you ditch Ice Wall for this? Its just…nope. 1/5

Witness Tampering


Rejoice! Now we can free up both deck space and influence in our Weyland decks. I’ve tested this, and the 4 credits is not too much to ask when you consider it in ANY Weyland deck. Further more, 2 credits per click is a lot like trashing a resource or ditching a tag. Its a very understandable cost. And its the easiest way to ditch the BP. No janky executive suicide combos. No scoring agendas that have to sit. Just a double event and some pocket change for Weyland. And just when BP was starting to become real threatening, too. 4/5

NAPD Contract


Whereas Corporate War is only great in Weyland, NAPD Contract is great everywhere but Weyland. If you run a clean game and need a 4/2, this is a pretty good choice. If you run Red Herring, this is a must. I like this card. It seems balanced, and it is a great taxing card in RP and NBN. Neutral Agendas should be this good. 4/5



Everyone, including myself, has been waiting for this since it was spoiled. And why not? With Yog running around, this makes the Corp not feel so stupid for playing some early code gates. Mark my words, you will see this in every FA deck, and probably elsewhere too. And that flavour text. 5/5

What a great pack! Paintbrush (don’t underestimate it!), Caprise, Quandary, Witness Tampering, Reclamation Order, Fall Guy, and Lucky Find all in the same pack. Double Time is probably the strongest of the Spin Cycle, wouldn’t you agree? I’d love to hear your opinions. What did I get wrong this time?

And of course, thanks for reading!


3 responses to “Android: Netrunner – Double Time Corp Overview

  1. What do you think about Hive’s ability to stop the ubiquitous Knight?

  2. My friend decided that Enigma was better than Quandry since the Parasite is still common. Do you agree?

    • How I see it, Enigma is Parasite food as well. Anything under 5 strength dies to parasite. You might was well have an extra-replaceable Quandary than a 3 cost enigma.

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