Android: Netrunner – Double Time Runner Overview

Last month, I posted my initial impressions of Fear and Loathing cards and I had a lot of hits. So much that WordPress sent a congratulations notification. So, for that, I thank you, kind reddit/google+ users.

Anyway, before going through the Runner cards, I just want to look back at how wrong I was about a few cards from last month. I can’t proxy test everything, and some of my judgment calls were just off. Like Subliminal Messaging. That card is great. It nets you, in total, one additional credit every time you use it. And while it may pressure the runner to run, a good corp will want the runner to run prematurely. It can become a taxing card for the runner just as much as it is an economy card for the corp. The card’s biggest downside is just that I often forget to bring it back. And that happens very, very often, unfortunately. Another card that I was totally wrong about was Blue Level Clearance. I like both money and card draw, so I thought I would like BLC. However, the fact that it is a double event strongly limits your overall turn. Drawing two cards can be pretty dangerous, and if you are relying on this card, odds are your tempo isn’t where it should be. It leaves you with one click, and a potentially vulnerable HQ. It will not see as much play as GLC, so I was so wrong. However, Blackguard is equally as strong as it was when I proxy tested it initially. Me and my friends have an inside joke where we sing the Star Wars Episode 1 chant from the Darth Maul duel whenever Blackguard is dropped. Its just that devastating. Building a deck for it is still really tough, but Lucky Find helps. GRNDL Refinery is also proving to be as strong as expected. It lets you kick the Runner when they are down. “Oh, you just spent all of your money? Cool, I’ll advance this 3 more times.”

So yeah, my point is this; although I am stubborn enough to argue the value of these cards prematurely, I am totally cool with fessing up when I am dead-wrong. And this is that confession. Subliminal Messaging is a great card. Until Donut comes out.

Okay! On with this month’s impressions!

Anyone who has returned to the blog previously probably knows that I don’t really like placing an arbitrary “score” in my reviews, but that seems to be the tradition in these card review posts, so I’ll use a x/5 scale.



Well, this card is trash. We’ve already known about it for sometime, and it just hasn’t gotten better. I’ve heard the ridiculous idea of “play Queen’s Gambit and then play Singularity”, but then you have accomplished very little. After 4 clicks, you have gained two credits and trashed one card. Which is meaningless if the rarely-played JACKSON HOWARD is in the Corp deck. This is a good counter to a upgrade-heavy deck, I guess, but Imp is better (yeah, I know, you have to access the card to trash it. Making those edge of world/snare protected servers pretty safe. But really, how many people actually play those? Is it worth the deck space for those few decks?). And cheaper. Also, Caprice makes this so much worse. Worse than it already was, somehow. Imagine spending two clicks and all that money for nothing.

Realistically, it has its uses. Occasionally. Just like Quest Completed. Its just not worth the deck space. 2/5

Queen’s Gambit


This card is weird. Primarily because it came out in the same pack as Lucky Find. They are both double events that will leave you with 6 credits. Except this one is a risk and Lucky Find is not. And this one is more influence. So, from that perspective, this card doesn’t look too good. But on the other hand, if I was playing anarch, I would love to have 3 more Lucky Finds in my deck. Anarchs are traditionally broke so I guess it isn’t that bad. But only because it is Anarch. Every other faction has better ways of making that money. I just don’t understand the influence cost. 3/5

Dyson Fractal Generator


I’m way less skeptical of the stealth breaker suite that is inevitably on its way than I should be. I love the cloak and dagger combo (which just got so much better in Double Time), so I should love this, right? Well, the problem is that there is nothing to use this on? It is just not worth it when you have Corroder. It is also not helping with the higher install costs of the other worthwhile fracters. Eventually, this card will be a little better. Until then, it is simply pointless. 2/5



Now we are talking! It makes Dagger a 1MU breaker! And criminals will have a reason to play something better than Ninja (because Garrote and Sneakdoor don’t leave much room for the rest of my rig). But that 3 influence makes Nasir sad. Anyway, I obviously like this card. Even if you don’t use Dagger, it makes infamously expensive ice less expensive. This isn’t a faction defining card, but it will fit nicely in a few decks. But still, I can’t get over that 3 influence. Ouch. 3/5



Savoir-Faire is not a bad card to see in your opening hand. It gives criminals some flexibility that shapers are already comfortable with. I really do appreciate that. The problem is that Will-o’-the-Wisp makes this pretty useless late-game. Whereas it makes Self-Modifying Code that much better. Should I be complaining about a card that won’t be out for months? Probably not. But Savoir-Faire isn’t worth getting too familiar with, since it has a pretty short shelf-life. Doesn’t Personal Workshop do this already, anyway? Like, in a weird, but still totally useful way? Yeah, it does. But it isn’t bad. Its just already exists in other (and better) forms.  3/5

Fall Guy


Both of my proxied Iain Stirling decks love Fall Guy. But realistically, so does everyone who uses Kati Jones. Which is….everyone? So, for one influence, you have some pretty solid resource protection. Oh, and it costs nothing but deck space and a click to install. And if it happens to just sit there, trash it for 2 credits. Works for me. 4/5

Power Nap


Is there a deck for Power Nap? Is it the same deck that hosts Starlight Crusade Funding? I’m not quite sure if that deck is even worth making. Or at least not yet. I don’t know about you, but I am simply not running that many doubles to justify this card. And neither is anyone I play with. By the end-game, there might be a few in the heap, but not enough to justify this. I don’t know, maybe its a great card in disguise, but it begs the Runner to make a double event fuelled Shaper deck. For a few extra credits? No thanks. 2/5



Move over, Caprice Nisei, Paintbrush is making this pack’s highlight a tough choice. I’ve been testing a Kit deck with Paintbrush, and I am quite surprised. If you can reliable tutor or draw for Yog, paintbrush will do a lot of work for you. And tutoring/drawing is what Shapers do best. I am currently in love with this card. It is Shaper’s Keyhole in terms of devastating 2MU effects, in my opinion, and the only thing that has been slowing my test deck out is a bad starting draw. I can’t wait to add some Quality times to Kit and let the good times roll. 5/5

Lucky Find


When this card was first spoiled, I scratched my head. Math time: 2 clicks + 3 credits = 5 credits. So this thing nets you 4 credits, right? So is it only marginally better than Sure Gamble? No. I was wrong. I try to include this in every deck I build now. Damn you, 2 influence. Damn you.

Basically, its hard to understand the strength of a 6 credit swing if you haven’t tried it already. this is nearly a stimhack (okay, not at all. But that is still a lot of credits!). And it only costed you two clicks. additionally, you will have at least 9 credits after using it, just like Sure Gamble. Lucky Find was the missing ingredient in my Blackguard deck. But really, its the missing ingredient in every deck I have ever made. I always want more money, and this is the best event-based economy card in the game. Unless I am forgetting something really awesome. But I don’t think I am. But influence….so 4/5

Okay, those are the runner cards. Anarchs got the shortest straws this month. Criminals did nicely, and Paintbrush is easily the Runner highlight card. However, in the end, everyone wins because Lucky Find just made all the decks better (assuming you can fit it. damn you, 2 influence). I’ll also be posting the Corp cards soon, so go ahead and take a look at that. And thanks for reading!


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